Aewonwolf Shares That SA Media Is Lazy & Reveals His New Work On The Way

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On January 8th 2020, Aewonwolf took to twitter to share that SA media is lazy, gives reason for saying this and reveals that on his new work, he is looking to work with Journalists who are hungry to work hard. His tweet was retweeted by YoungstaCPT and more.

His words: “Lets be honest! The majority of SA media is lazy! If you don’t e-mail them the story they won’t write about it, even if it’s news worthy they would rather share what’s already trending,” -Aewonwolf wrote on twitter.

He further announced that on his return in music he is looking to work with hungry journalists.

“That’s why with my return I want to work with hungry and real journalists! Holla at me!”

Here are some quotes from Juice Wrld that slightly explains his death.

Juice WRLD born, Jarad Anthony Higgins (December 2, 1998 – December 8, 2019) was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Since Juice WRLD’s passing, all we have been doing is revisiting his music while we mourning his death and also reminding ourselves everything we learned in every song he ever gave us. We live in strange times, where we see young rappers losing their lives make all their dreams come true. In recent years we have lost so many young talents and the world’s best creatives in such a way that even to this day we still do not believe that we have lost all these rappers, musicians,  or creatives. Rest In Peace all the rappers we have lost in these recent years, we lost, Mac Miller, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep, Nipsey Hussle, Capital STEEZ, Fredo Santana, Prodigy, Smke Dawg, Lil Snupe, Nate Dogg, A$ap Yam$, LA Capone, Bankroll Fresh and our recent loss goes to Juice WLRD, RIP.

Here’s a collection of Juice WRLD’s quotes that might awaken you about something in life.

"We Ain't Making It Past 21" - Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD said this on his song titled, “Legends”

“What’s the 27 Club? / We ain’t making it past 21”, he raps. “They tell me I’m-a be a legend / I don’t want that title now / ‘Cause all the legends seem to die out / What the f*** is this about?” – Juice WRLD raps.

If you listen to song, you might think Juice predicted his own death but what he said there on this song is clearly what is happening to the lifespan of the youth lately.

The 27 Club is the collective name for artists who died under tragic circumstances at the age of 27. The list includes Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison. The single “Legends” was written as a tribute to the rapper XXXTentacion, who died in 2018 at the age of 20. Too Soon… was designed as a two-track tribute to the rapper and Lil Peep, who died in 2017 at the age of 21.

"I go through so much, I'm 19 years old It's been months since I've felt at home But it's okay 'cause I'm rich, Psych! I'm still sad as a bitch" - Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD said this on a song titled, “Fast”

On “Fast,” Juice WRLD reflects on how his life has taken off since fame and how fast the world is moving around him. Specifically these lyrics, they let us know that Juice WRLD was going through so much as he takes time to explain that he may be rich but he’s still sad even though he had the richness. Juice was so real to let us know about everything that is real in life, regardless of him doing something or not. On the song, the rapper further explains that: “I don’t want nobody to think that I’m an asshole/ I don’t try to be mean on purpose, I promise My mama taught me better than that, I’ll be honest
I blame it on the drugs and this life I’m involved in” 


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