AKA Finally Signs The Agreement Papers Of His Boxing Match With Cassper Nyovest

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It seems like the wait is over of the Boxing Match between AKA & Cassper Nyovest, If you still remember, sometime in 2020 AKA challenged Cassper Nyovest to be in boxing match with him, and on the 22nd Of May 2020, Cassper Nyovest completely agreed to fight with AKA.

If you have been following South African rap, you will know that AKA & Cassper Nyovest have been having war at each other for sometime now thus It’s even reached the level where both South African rappers are willing to fight each other. Many other South African rapper tried to convince these two rappers to call it quits with their beef, but none of them agreed to that.

Recently It seems like AKA has decided to sign the Agreement papers to fight Cassper Nyovest since he was given these papers by Cassper Nyovest sometime last year.

On the 7th Of January 2021, AKA took to his twitter to share that the fight might just happen soon: “It’s amazing how people can suddenly turn into tough guys when history and experience tells us otherwise. The time for talk is nearly over.” –  AKA wrote on twitter.

Take a look at detailed tweet below.

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