Ambitiouz Entertainment Shares That They Worked With MashBeatz Before He Met A-Reece

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The South African record company, Ambitious Entertainment took to twitter last night on the 13th of May 2020 to allow their fans to ask them any question as they had all the answers to their question during that time. The label even revealed that they worked with MashBeatz before he started working with A-reece and even gives details on how A-reece and MashBeatz met.

Ambitiouz Entertainment is a South African independent record label owned and founded by Kgosi Mahumapelo. The label was founded in April 2015 and houses notable acts including Sjava and BlaQ Diamond. Previously the label had one of the hottest musicians in South African music industry before they part ways with the label, the first hottest rapper to leave Ambitious Entertainment was A-reece , and as time goes, many artists left the label as well, as Mid-2018, their biggest act at the time, Amanda Black announced that she would be parting ways with the controversial record label and signed a joint-venture with Sony Music Entertainment. She then proceeded to sue the record label for over 1 million Rand that was owed to her for unpaid performances, which she won. Following Amanda Black’s exit were Emtee, Priddy Ugly, Gigi Lamayne, KLY, DJ Citi Lyts & NEO.

One fan asked them on the #AskAmbitiouz , If they don’t want to sign any hip hop artist from Limpopo and the label admin responded that they worked with MashBeatz before, as for you clarity, MashBeatz is from Limpopo. You can read more about MashBeatz here.

The Ambitious twitter admin wrote:- “We worked with Before, he’s straight fire 🔥. Believed in him and Brought him down from to Jhb on 16Aug2016 . He met at AmbitiouzStudios & the rest is history ‼️A Golden Partnership was Born🙌🏽 Proud of the role we played

The label had so many answers to their fans during the #AskAmbitiouz Q & A session, the label’s twitter admin even shared who was their biggest artist before signing Emtee. Another twitter user asked, “Who is the major artist that ambitiouz had before signing emtee” and the label’s admin responded that It was “Fifi Cooper” who was their major artist before Emtee. See detailed tweet below.


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