Desiigner Calls Kanye West “Crazy” and Says “Kanye West’s Not A Genius”?

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The US rapper, Desiigner took to social media to explain his frustrations about his label head, which is Kanye West. yesterday on Friday, February 1st.

“Nobody is doing shit for me bro,” – what the rapper says as he started his Instagram video. He went on and say, “I signed to Kanye West … the biggest nigga … y’all niggas going to war, y’all niggas think he’s a genius but to me, that nigga’s crazy nigga, and to me nigga, I’ve been doing all this by myself.”

The rapper also claimed to have brought back GOOD MUSIC from the dead, currently he has over 2.2 million followers on instagram. The Panda hit maker, who’s single hit No. 1 in Billboard on it’s release year, and not even having an album but having only mixtapes, the rapper managed to sell million records of his mixtapes.

He continued: “I brought G.O.O.D. Music back and everybody know that, so what you talking about I fell off? I only dropped two mixtapes bro, two bro, y’all people is mad ungrateful for the music I gave y’all. Y’all niggas need to start putting me on top, nigga. I did diamond for y’all niggas two times bro. Y’all niggas need to chill.” 



The rapper also took it to Instagram to reveal that he will be dropping new music soon, after making claim that ‘Ye is crazy…

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