DOOM Says He Doesn’t Listen To Hip Hop & Only Raps “To Get Money” [WATCH]

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MF DOOM said he doesn’t really listen to hip, he listens to jazz at home, he only makes Hip Hop to get the money on an interview with SPIN to discuss the 15th anniversary of Madvillainy: 

“I would go to work and do the work,” he said. “I don’t really do music at home. We listened to music, but I do that shit just to get money. I write rhymes and shit to get money. Other than that, I don’t listen to Hip Hop music. I listen to jazz music and instrumentals and shit like that. I only do this for the simple fact of points-per-rhyme, the point game.

“It seems to be a profitable thing these days, and nobody else is really paying attention to it. You can be about your points, and if nobody else can do it, you can get some change off that joint, because you’re the only one doing it like that. That’s what I get out of the rhyming.”

MF Doom also explained on how he happened to be a rapper, and express his gratitude for being part of the movement.

“I didn’t know it was gonna be such a popular thing,” he explained. “It’s something we used to do for a side hobby, to keep your mind fresh. Word games. You might be walking down the street, playing with words in your mind, so you throw them back and forth, and words that rhyme just come to you. It’s something we did as a hobby, like practicing thoughts, brain exercises. Word searches and things like that, studying different languages, where words come from.

“A practice to keep your mind sharp, is how we used to see it. But then it turned out to be something — if you put it to music, in a rhythmic way, and you know how to bring the point across, then you can turn it to something that’s real profitable. I’m blessed to be part of this whole thing, from this Hip Hop experience.”


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