Fans Don’t Want Nasty C’s Girl To Attend A-Reece’s Concert Or Listen To Other Rappers [WATCH]

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Hip Hop fans on social media went crazy when a video of Nasty C‘s girlfriend, who goes by the name ‘Sammie Heavens’ was saw listening to A-Reece’s music. This has caused chaos between twitter users, especially “A-reece and Nasty C’s fans”.  Some Nasty C’s loyal fans felt Sammie has no “right” to enjoy music made by a man who is her boyfriend’s arch-enemy. Although Nasty C’s girlfriend doesn’t look at it that way, she’s just enjoying music like everyone else and she’s also wishing to attend their musical concert like any other fan.

Sammie (Nasty C’s girlfriend) recently responded to the chaos that was on social media about her name. She took to her Instagram stories to set the record straight:

“People don’t feel comfortable with me listening to other rappers’ music or me liking their music or me being present at their f***** show… People just have problems okay,” she said.

“But it’s fine. It’s okay, I will listen to my rapper’s music and only my rapper’s music. And it’s fine. I won’t listen to other rappers or go to their shows. It’s fine, I won’t listen to their music, or download their music. I won’t follow them on Instagram or like their tweets. I won’t even see their names on Twitter because I will block their names. Because oh my gosh, my phone had this person’s name, God f***** orbid,– she said sarcastically.

Check the video below.

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