“F*ckin’ Snitch” – Boosie Badazz Blames Pilot For Juice WRLD’s Death.

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There would be so many circumstances and so many thoughts from the people since Juice WRLD’s death was shocking and unexpected, we cannot blame Boosie Bada$$ for having his own thinking in this death. As Boosie Bada$$ chatted with VladTV about the tragic death of Juice WRLD and laid blame on the pilot, and it was also rumored that the pilot called authorities on Juice WRLD to come and search their belongings after learning the rapper and his crew had firearms with them in the plane.

“I ain’t never get to meet Juice WRLD,” Boosie admitted. “I DM’d him a couple times, but I ain’t never get to meet him face-to-face.” The rapper said since Juice WRLD’s passing he’s been learning more about him. “This dude’s had talent since middle school. Like, this dude been knew he was destined to be great.”

Then during the interview, after a brief pause, Boosie added, “I would beat that f*ckin’ pilot ass.” Angrily, Boosie added, “Somebody need to beat that f*ckin’ pilot ass, bro. The one who told the f*ckin’ people they had guns on the plane. B*tch, you shouldn’t…you the one [who] made the people come search the plane. That’s why he swallowed the sh*t.”

“A rat! F*ckin’ snitchin’,” the rapper said. “A worldwide f*ckin’ epidemic. Snitches. Ol’ snitchin’ ass b*tch driving the plane gon’ alert the authorities. You snitchin’ ass ho. You a ho. If you listenin’, b*tch.” Boosie shared that when the police come, you have to get rid of any illegal substances, but “he took too much of that sh*t. That sh*t had me pissed off!


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