Frank Ocean Might Be On The Juice WRLD’s Posthumous Album

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Lil Bibby takes it to social media to share some insane thoughts about Juice Wrld’s upcoming posthumous album, although this cannot just be a thought or a simple twitter post since Lil Bibby might know more than what we know about Juice WRLD’s posthumous album. Just to clear the air for everyone, Lil Bibby worked extremely closely with Juice WRLD during his life and he likely knows who the star would have enjoyed collaborating.

On February 25th, 2020. Lil Bibby took to twitter to share that he might want to get Frank Ocean on Juice’s upcoming posthumous album and who knows the rapper might already know that Frank will be gracing the list.

“Gotta get Frank Ocean on this Juice album,” said the rapper-turned-executive on social media.

Lil Bibby might be enlightening us that Frank Ocean is one of the feature guest appearances in this upcoming posthumous album, who knows? stay tuned for more updates.

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