Future Explains Why He Was Afraid To Tell Fans He Stopped Drinking Lean

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The multi platinum-selling artist worried about how this new reality would affect the perception of the man behind songs like “Codeine Crazy.”

The rapper spoke about the pressure to live up to the expectations of his fans or how fans might want you to live according to the way your music is to them.


“That’s why I said what drives me is me from living every word and being that same way. And just being this person, being that rock star,” he stated around the 12-minute mark. “So it drives you, you know what I’m saying, to keep continuing to make the music and continue to be in the music. The fans, what they love you for. And it’s hard, because it just be like, ‘Damn, I don’t want to stop it and the fans stop loving me.’”

“It’s like me taking chance on when I was… I didn’t want to tell nobody I stopped drinking lean,” he continued. “I didn’t want to tell because I felt then they gonna be like, ‘Oh, his music changed because he ain’t drinking lean no more. Oh, I can hear when he changed.’ And people are like, ‘Damn, you won’t even say it.’ It’d just be hard and your fans so used to you a certain kind of way with a certain persona, you be afraid to change. You’re afraid if they would not even accept me no more.” – Future shared on an interview with genius!


Watch the entire interview below & Don’t forget future’s album is set to drop on (January, 18th) Set your reminder!

Watch the the interview below!

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