Juice Wrld’s Death Race For Love Reportedly Goes Platinum

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Since Juice WRLD’s passing the streaming on his music has been heavily increasing as many fans took mourning for his death by revisiting his music, with 2019’s A Death Race For Love as it was reported by Our Generation Music, Juice WRLD’s major-label debut has officially hit platinum, with the RIAA update expected to follow shortly. It’s unfortunate that the young rapper is no longer around to see his latest accomplishments manifest.


In Addition to the rapper: Juice WRLD’s girlfriend speaks out for the first time since we have lost him. In a clip uploaded to Twitter, Lotti explains how much Juice WRLD loved his fans and advises them to stay away from negativity.

Lotti begins “I just wanted to come out here and let everyone know that Jarad loved every single person that he helped on this earth. He literally loved every single one of you guys,” said the 27 year-old.

She continued “There is not a time when he had shown me any different love then he felt for you.”

She added “He wants everyone to know that you need to take any negative, any negative thing in your life, he would tell you every time he saw you and change that to a positive situation.”


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