Kwesta Reacts To The BMW Ad Using His Song & Not Getting Paid

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It seems like Kwesta didn’t get paid for the new BMW Ad.

Recently BMW has recently made an advert which uses the beat from Kwesta’s song “Spirit”, the song which was sampled from Spiritchasers song titled “These Tears”, and as according to Kwesta’s tweet, It appears that the South African rapper didn’t get paid for his song on the advert.

On the 22nd of September 2020, Kwesta took to his twitter to reveal that BMW should do the right thing for their efforts on the song.

“Do the right thing!!! It took so much effort from so many people to get the rights to sample that song. We did the right thing because we understood the value of the art! This ad cheapens all of those efforts. DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ‘The Grootmans’ @BMW_SA” – kwesta wrote on twitter

This is how twitter fans feel about this:-

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