NEWS: Bas Says, “Revenge Of The Dreamers 3” Might Have Cardi B’s Collab?

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While Bas is on his tour, he was previously at Santa Ana yesterday on the 28th, he stopped by to have a little talk with power 106 FM. During the interview when the rapper was asked about the rising success of dreamville lately as it is the hip hop clique that fans in music are really looking forward to in 2019,  Bas explained with a lot of confidence, “I think it’s years of being consistent, going on the road, building your core fanbase,” – Bas explains in the interview below.

The rapper further explained more on his crew and what they believe in, as he was explaining on how they would be working on their albums. “Putting out solid projects, everyone is a believer in that. That’s how we built our fanbase. There’s definitely a tide turning. As far as how much attention we’re garnering now. The amount of success, whether it’s me, JID, Ari Lennox, EarthGang, you’re seeing a lot of our acts step out on their own. Everything’s clicking up.” – Bas explains.

While their conversation was going on and even entertaining, Bas took a moment to shout out to Cardi B, during the interview and explained that the collaboration between Cardi and Cole might be on the way, “I love cardi” – he says, before the rapper would explain about the collaboration of Cardi and Cole, the rapper went on and say,  “I think it’s definitely going to happen. Her and Cole met a few times, it was good energy. She just tweeted about “Middle Child.” Maybe she need to get on the remix.” 


Video By: Power 106 FM

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