Not All Rappers Care About Sales, Reason Doesn’t

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Reason’s Album, “Azania” might not be selling like hot cakes but it is one of the hottest albums we have in South Africa right now, according to fans in music, dispite the fact that it didn’t make sales, ‘Reason took 2018, & others” and no amount of sales can diss that fact.

Reason believes Azania is a great album, & his fans too. The Album features, the american rapper & producer, Swizz beats on track no. 14 – Azania (feat. Swizz beats & Sibongile Khumalo)

YES! It is undoubtedly one of the greatest albums of 2018, we all know numbers don’t lie but in music, lyrics are more important than numbers.

I made a fucken GREAT album though 😤 #Azania— #Azania 🇿🇦 (@ReasonHD) January 16, 2019

Listen to the album below👇👇

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