SA NEWS : Chad Da Don Opens Up On His Sudden Breakup With Kelly Khumalo

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Chad Da Don and Kelly Khumalo were so in love lately, but suddenly their relationship had to call quits, as Chad explained that him and the South African songbird, Kelly Khumalo are “just different people with different beliefs”.

Around the end of January, one of his fans asked what happened to their relationship, after realizing that the rapper and the singer had removed their images where they are together on their instagram pages, and Chad Da Don told  Drum the following:

“We split up but there are no bad vibes. Her husband-to-be is out there somewhere and I will also find my wife one day. I’ve been through a lot and Kelly’s love was medicinal … My heart feels sore but there is no pain God cannot cure. Kelly and I had a good run. We were blessed with a great time but now it’s over,” – Chad Da Don said to drum.

Peep at Kelly’s post on IG below

Although Chad Da Don never explained further about the relationship status, he only spoke on the fact that they have different beliefs.. so he did not confirm.

“I’ve always had time for my spirituality and religion. That’s what brought Kelly and me together and that’s also what separated us,” he added on the story.


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