Shane Eagle Drops “Black”, The First Single Off #DarkMoonFlower Mixtaple [Listen]

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As we are still waiting for the release of Shane Eagle’s upcoming mixtape titled “Dark Moon Flower”, the rapper has recently dropped the first single off his upcoming mixtape, the single is titled, “Black”, as we all know Shane being one of the most gifted lyricist and conscious rapper, on the new single Shane drops some thought provoking lines which might leave you asking yourself who or what is he referring all the lyrics to.


“You drop your shit and it’s whack
I drop my shit and it lasts
I’m so ahead my time, aye
All you niggas stuck in the past
Niggas tryna get me for their songs, can’t even get me for the interview
Every time a nigga drop a song, whole album shit sounds like it’s interludes” – Shane Eagle


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