South African Rap Group That Is The Richest, But You Never Knew?

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“In 2008, Yolandi Visser, Ninja and DJ Hi-Tek started a Hip Hop group named, “Die Antwoord”, These musicians started their website, released their music for free straight on their website when they started. As from June 6, 2009, they received good response from fans in music, and their single “Evil Boy” so far it has reached  over 28 million views.

Die Antwoord is a hip hop group originating from Cape Town, and they make hip-hop music mixed with electronic dance sound. they have been touring around the globe with their music and the group has already reached over 20 million views for most of their music video. They won the Myspace best Music Video Award for their visuals, “Enter The Ninja” in 2010, and also in 2014 they won Hip-Hop Album for 2014 & All Music Favorite Rap for album, “Donker Mag”


Net worth 

Their net worth of the group is estimated to be $6.5 million, for their music videos that reached over multi-million views and they have released an album where they have worked with a lot of famous artists.


Latest Music Video...

Their Most Watched Video On Youtube...

Listen to their Latest Music

"Made By God" I

"Made By God" Chapter II

"Made By God" III

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