The Biggest Hip-Hop Beefs & Feuds Of All Time

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One may ask, What is “Rap Beef”?

“Beef” is when two rappers, or groups of rappers, have a feud (hip hop is feudal itself). These fueds are expressed through attacks in lyrics. These attacks are called “disses.” These attacks may be in one line of a song, or they may be the point of the entire song. Sometimes they are subtle or subliminal, requiring a knowledge of the other rapper’s lyrics or image to understand. Sometimes beefs are done for propaganda, publicity or good fun, or sometimes bitterly personal. People have been assaulted over beef, sometimes people get killed in the rap beefs.

We have enlisted almost all the biggest Hip Hop beefs we have had in history of Hip Hop.

Tupac Vs. The Notorious BIG (mid-1990s)

Tupac and Biggie started off as friends, although Tupac entered the Hip Hop scene two years before Biggie. The two had the most biggest rap beef in the history of Hip Hop. Tupac and Biggie’s beef started after Tupac publicly accused The Notorious B.I.G.,  and P. Diddy of involvement in his shooting (and robbery) in the lobby of Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan on November 30, 1994. Afterwards diss tracks passed back and forth from both stars on a regular basis. But things took a tragic turn when both rappers died in 1996 in murders that remain unsolved. This was the most saddest rap beef in Hip-Hop history.

Ja Rule Vs. 50 Cent (Since 1999)

50 cent and Ja Rule also had the one of the biggest beef in the Hip Hop scene. Their beef started In 1999 when Ja Rule was robbed for his chain at gunpoint in Southside Jamaica, Queens while he was filming a music video. According to 50 Cent, Ja Rule was incensed after seeing 50 cent at a club with the man who robbed him. 50 cent decided to go heavy on Ja rule on a series of mixtape tracks, including the song ‘Life On The Line’, prompting Ja Rule to hit back on the song ‘Blood In My Eye’.

Meek Mill Vs. Drake (2015)

Meek Mill and Drake’s beef started after Meek Mill tweeted (seemingly out of nowhere) that Drake doesn’t write his own raps. Rather than get into a Twitter war. Their beef was among the biggest hip-hop stories of 2015, stemming from Mill’s accusations that Drake employed a ghostwriter for his guest verse on “R.I.C.O.” Meek Mill turned to social media to call out Drake, who responded with a pair of devastating diss tracks, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back Freestyle.” Meek Mill would fire back with “Wanna Know.” but at this moment, the two rappers are good with each other, and we’re glad that Drake and Meek Mill decided to squash their beef, we need more peace in this world.

Jay Z Vs. Nas (’90s and early 2000s.)

Jay Z and Nas’ feud was sparked over a Memphis Bleek lyric in 2000’s ‘My Mind Right’, causing the rapper to respond to both Bleek and Jay Z on future mixtape tracks. The feud escalated further when Jay Z called Nas “lame” on 2001’s ‘The Takeover’, prompting Nas to take aim at Jay on ‘Ether’. The beef continued in this wild manner until they ended it publicly at the ‘I Declare War’ concert in Philadelphia in 2005.  This is that one rap beef that was handled lyrically, none physical and now Jayz and Nas have remained friends from ever since.

AKA Vs. Cassper Nyovest (2014 to date)

Taking to the African sides, these two rappers namely, AKA (Left) and Cassper Nyovest (Right) have been at each other’s cases for years now, the two rappers even challenged each other for a fight battle which is the one that’s gonna end their beef. Their beef dates back in 2014 when Cassper said his song Doc Shebeleza was the biggest song in the South African hip hop industry. AKA then went to release his hit song Congratulate which dominated the airwaves and throw shade at Cassper about his biggest song in the country and the beef has since escalated, even to this day, these two South African rappers hate each other, those who are close to the claim that the beef is more serious than what the social media world might think, as Ricky rick said this beef is draining the life out of the culture. you can read the whole article here.

Kendrick Lamar Vs. "New York City Rappers"

Kendrick Lamar calling out all the New York rappers.

In 2013, Kendrick Lamar made a huge proclamation with his “I’m the King of New York” line on that infamous “Control” verse heard all throughout Hip-Hop. The scary part wasn’t even the actual rappers from NYC that came for his neck — many kept quiet, but few tried to diss him back but couldn’t succeed, even to this day, Kendrick lamar proclaims to be “The King Of New York”

Kendrick Lamar Vs. Drake

Kendrick Lamar and drake fired shots at each other for some years, their beef started back in 2013, on the “Control” verse, when Kendrick Lamar proclaimed to be the king of both coasts and kept on firing shots at Drizzy drake, although in some diss tracks, Drake would ignore them, but eventually on his song titled, “The Language”, he responded to Kendrick Lamar.

“F–k any ni–a that’s talking sh-t just to get a reaction / f–k going platinum, I looked at my wrist and it’s already platinum / I am the kid with the motor mouth.” – Drake on “The Language” and kendrick Lamar went on to call Drake a sensitive rapper on the 2013 BET Cypher Award.

“Nothing’s been the same since they dropped ‘Control’ / And they tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes.” – Kendrick Lamar raps on 2013 BET Cypher

Drake Vs. Chris Brown

Like most of Chris Brown’s most thin-skinned moments, his ongoing feud with Drake started over a woman: Rihanna. Back in June 2012, when W.i.P. was NYC’s go to nightclub, bottles were tossed between the rival crews over a note that allegedly read “I’m f—ing the love of your life.” (Brown was chin-clipped in the crossfire.)

In the years since, the two have insisted they’ve moved on (“I’m not thinking about that man, or that girl,” Drake said in an interview), even going as far as to publicly squash their beef with an Instagram photo and a comedic skit with Blake Griffin at the 2014 ESPY Awards.

Nicki Minaj Vs. Lil Kim

This is one feud that is likely to go on for some time… as Nicki and Mariah have made no secret of their issues while serving together on the American Idol panel! After joining the show in 2012 as part of a revamped line-up, it didn’t take long for the two divas to begin sniping at each other during the show’s auditions, eventually leading to Nicki even storming off the panel during one day of filming. The two have continually discussed their differences in the press, with rumours Mariah was planning hire security after one of their encounters, but seemed to have put at least SOME of their differences to one side by the time the live shows came around in early 2013.

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