Tweezy Says Nasty C Will Bring The Grammy Award To SA Soon. What Do You Think ?

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Taking it to twitter on the 12th Of June 2020, Tweezy shared that Nasty C will bring the grammy award home, in South Africa. Although with Nasty C’s moves in the Hip Hop scene we can really see that he’s going to be the greatest in history.

On Nasty C’s recent interview with Forbes, the young South African rapper revealed that his aim is to become a legend in the South African Hip Hop game, he also revealed that his aim is to continue to make history as an internationally recognized SA rapper.

Nasty said, “I hope to change that whole stereotype and just show them that we have a lot of depth and different flavors, and there are a lot of things we can teach outsiders that they don’t really know about. Hopefully, by exposing more African artists and if I can open the gates and have hundreds of artists follow after me, I feel we can bridge that gap. They will see Africa in a different light.”

Nasty C also has a new single out titled, “They Don’t” with one of his role models, T.I. ahead of his upcoming album ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ the young rapper has also released a new single ‘Eazy’ accompanied with it’s visuals. You can watch here.

As according to multi-platinum Producer Tweezy, he believes that Nasty is guaranteed to bring Mzansi a Grammy in the near future.. He recently tweeted, “Nasty C will bring a Grammy to South Ah. It’s only a matter of time.”

What do you think ?

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