Vic Mensa: “I Was Tryna Tell Nadia She Needs To Come Open A Chesa Nyama In America”

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Vic Mensa recently sat down with Scoop Makhathini and Ms Cosmo and shared to them about his experiences since he has been in South Africa, his music career and his latest discovery Chesa Nyama. The American rapper shared that he is now an addict in Shesa Nyama and has been begging Nadia Nakai to go open a Shesa Nyama In America.

I seem to find it where ever I go. I was tryna tell Nadia she needs to come open a Chesa Nyama in America. I really feel that Chesa Nyama would be successful in America.” He said.

Ms Cosmo asked him if Chesa Nyama and an American barbeque can’t be put down in the same category and Vic explained why he feels Chesa Nyama would be more successful.
Americans are carnage, they love meat. Honestly, so like Korean barbeque is a big thing in America and it’s unique in it’s ways. It’s like certain cuts of meat and they got a little thing on the table where they grill it on the table and that’s a completely different experience from our barbeque that you might get on the South side that’s different from a Chesa Nyama. I think the Chesa Nyama would be successful in America because the South African culture is not something that you get much of in America.” He continued to explain.


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