Young M.A. Feels Disrespected By Kodak Black’s Flirtations, After He Said, She Can Get It?

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Kodak Black made an unprecedented comment on a picture posted by Nicki Minaj that has Young M.A in it, The first flirtation occurred in the comment section of a Nicki Minaj Instagram post, basically, a picture of M.A. hunched over Nicki Minaj’s shoulders resulting in Kodak Black commenting on the picture and telling them, they could both “get it”

Kodak Commented on the image Nicki posted: “Both of Y’all a get it”

(That’s his thoughts, not mine) Check his comment below:

Right after that, Young M.A responded to Kodak Black:  “Y’all n—-s weird, bro.. Obviously that sh*t is weird, obviously, he [Kodak] is on some f*ck sh*it.” It’s painfully obvious to note that Kodak Black is simply taking the piss, in an insensitive manner.

Watch her response below:

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